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Giving you a bit more info to help with your plans

FAQs: Welcome


Do we require a deposit?

Yes. We ask for a £250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit. This is your guarantee that the date is yours. We get a lot of enquiries and should you decide to cancel, we will most likely have turned down other bookings for your date, therefore we lose out on income.


How and when do you pay?

Once your deposit is paid, you can settle the remainng amount any time you like as long as it's no later than 5 days before your event.
Payment is to be made by bank transfer.


Do we offer a DJ service?

No. We have in the past but due to equipment being abused and damaged it's no longer something we can offer.
You would need to source your own DJ for music for when we are not playing.


Can we play your first dance?

This is a possibilty depending upon the song you choose.
We would want to do it justice so it may mean several rehearsals which would of course incur a cost.
If it's something already in our set then yes of course, if not then we would decide on a song by song basis.


How long do we need to set up?

It takes us a minimum of 90 minutes to load in, set up, and sound check.
We have a lot of gear as we are a proper live band, not just backing track mime artists!
Please bear in mind, if we're late to get in, it still takes us 90 minutes!


How long do we play for?

We offer around 100 minutes of music, either one or two sets and we're happy to play up to 11:30pm.
If you're planning a wedding we suggest 2 sets; around 8:30pm and 10pm.
If it's a straight party/function, one big set around 9:30 would be our best suggestion.


Do we play requests

As with a first dance, it's a possibilty depending on the song you choose.

We would want to do it justice, so it may mean several rehearsals which could incur a cost unless it's something we feel is popular enough to become part of our regular set list.


Can you choose the songs we play?! However, you can choose the songs we DON'T play!
Our set list is tailored to suit everyone. Accessible at the start then rowdier as the night goes on!
We play songs we know we can do well, that suit our style, and in an order that makes instrument swaps slick to keep up the pace for the whole night.


How much room do we need?

We prefer an area of 4 metres deep by 6 metres wide to have room for the band and the PA speakers, amps, and stage  monitors.
We can manage with less but that does impact on the performance as we do like to get you guys up on stage if there's room.


Is there anything special we ask for?

We don't have a "rider" as such.
All we ask is that you make sure we have the time we need to set up and let us have some food if your guests are eating.
Maybe a beer would be nice!


What equipment do we need?

Included in our standard package is everything we need to make sure your party goes off!
We use a professional PA system with sound engineer, plus we bring enough lighting for a small to medium sized venue.
If you need something bigger, we can do that too! Please just ask.


How much do we charge?

The big question!
Almost impossible to answer until we have details on the venue and what you require from us, but to give you a rough idea; if your budget is under £1000 then we wouldn't be able to help unless your venue has it's own pro PA system and engineer already.


Where can you see us live?

Most of our calender is taken up with private functions. We do play a few pub gigs each year and also some ticketed events for charities plus maybe a music festival or two.
Anything open to the public will be advertised on our facebook and Instagram pages.
Check the LINKS button at the top of the page.

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Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK.

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